Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've always thought of this blog as a bit of a personal 'speak-your-brains' machine, so I'm very pleased to be accused of 'thogging' from three different quarters.

I'm supposed to nominate five more weblogs that fit this description, and I'm not supposed to include any of those that nominated me. This makes it harder, as I would have included at least two-and-a-half of the three concerned in my list. I sometimes think I should just scrap this blog and lurk in Chris and Shuggy's comments, but that would be a cruel and unusual punishment for them.

So, how about these five?
  • Tom 'Lets Be Sensible' Hamilton - the only blogger I've seen being urged to stand for parliament by a sitting MP - in his own comments box. Maybe this was a spoof? Who knows.
  • David Wilcox's 'Designing for Civil Society' - very good, and covering a lot of ground that I allude to, but properly.
  • I rarely comment upon, or link to articles on Hana's 'Developing News', but it's a sensible well-written blog on an issue that is less commented-upon than it deserves to be.
  • It's more agit-prop than Thogging, but Comrade Wilbur Rubbish goes beyond conversation to espouse a Leninism that's worth thinking about.
  • And, finally, they've both been a bit quiet lately, so I'm going to give them both half-a-thog: Pootergeek and Paul Anderson. Historically, though, they are both Class A Thoggers. Pootergeek's latest - $50 a year - is worth a look.
Looking around at other responses to this meme, via Luke, I make my first visit to one of his 'Thoggers,' Paul Linford. I've no specific comments on it as I didn't have much time to look around, but it has one outstanding feature.

According to his list of 'most recent referrers' (a bit more than halfway down the blogroll on the right-hand-side), he has the remarkable achievement of getting onto page one of Google under the search term 'cunts' - well done Paul!

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Tom said...

Well, thank you - thought I'd escaped this one. Does that mean I have to do it now?