Friday, March 02, 2007

Green authoritiarian threat?

Brother Moonbat is watching you

Dougald Hine over at OpenDemocracy on how demands for action on climate change are stoking fears of an authoritarian future:

"Where business leaders and politicians gather, there is talk of momentum, a tipping-point, history in the making. Yet behind this confidence, the fear remains that our democratic structures will not be up to the task: that
the boundaries of what is politically "practical", in Blair's language, will not accommodate the kind of measures required to prevent runaway climate change.

It is this fear which feeds the visions of an authoritarian future which have begun to enter the debate from more than one side. The fact that few informed observers believe individual restraint and technological innovation will generate the necessary cuts in emissions, so that a significant increase in government intervention in individual behaviour is to be anticipated means such visions deserve to be taken seriously.

They suggest that it is time to consider tackling climate change not simply as a technical problem but as a challenge to the democratic imagination."

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