Friday, March 30, 2007

Get The Big Issue this week

Get The Big Issue this week. It's not online, and I suppose that - even if it were - it would be a bit against the spirit of the whole idea to link to it, thereby cutting sales.

But it's got a lot better as a mag recently. And, in this week's issue, John Bird starts to lay out his canvass as London's mayoral candidate. He has a good dig at the failings of representative democracy - one that I can't altogether disagree with. And he outlines a version of 'demand revealing referenda that may appeal to someone that I know.

John Bird is a good bloke. I don't know if I'll vote for him yet. But go and get this week's Big Issue anyway.

1 comment:

Ivan said...

Just remind me how John Bird gets to start his mayoral campaign in the Big Issue:
does he a)own it b)edit it c)get asked because he started it or d)they're asking all the candidates one by one.
I have no idea what the answer is, but I think we should be told.