Friday, March 09, 2007

Gaining ground

Open ID, that is.

Here's a shorter intro.

And this is a beautiful idea. Switch off e-mail.

If only I could do this. One day, maybe...

And while we're on vaguely techie stuff two things:

1. I've not been able to see my blog for most of this week using IE6. Nor have I been able to edit the site using it either. Back and front-ends have worked fine in Firefox though. Am I alone in this?

2. The Tories are poking around the open-source idea. There's lots there. 'Open-Source Democracy' is probably more interesting to oppositions than it is to governments. There are plenty of digs to be had about how government could have saved licence fees - and how they could have selected Open Source developers for government IT projects (government didn't though - for reasons that were both good and bad, IMHO).

He didn't, however, pick up on what could be a big idea for a supposedly small-state party. The idea that no situation is so bad that it isn't made worse by civil servants with a tech-driven modernisation strategy. This doesn't mean that the problems that those civil-servants aim to address don't exist. It just means that there is a problem with the way that government procures solutions.

Procures. Solutions.
See what I mean?

Government tends to think that it has to identify, define and quantify the problem - and then own the solution. In my limited experience, it often simply competes with those who it could be partnering.

More on this, maybe, later.

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dan said...

On turning off emails, I've got a mate who works somewhere in the public sector (I hope that's vague enough) who, on a quick inspection of his inbox of a morning, simply deletes everything that doesn't come from someone he recognises has emailed him in the previous week.

He claims it's liberating. It probably is. It probably also says something about the sector he works in. But he claims that given most of his projects are well behind schedule he only has to deal with people that really need to contact him; others can phone or sort their problems elsewhere.

I think he's lying.

Aside (well, main point I guess): great post. Am really enjoying your recent takes on negativism, liberalism and the rest. I trust the readers of DSTfW are too.