Monday, March 05, 2007

All gone quiet over there

Gerry Fitt: Right all along.

The elections in Northern Ireland are boring. Good.

Here's Adrian McMenamin's view:

"Next week Northern Ireland goes to the polls to elect a new Assembly. My head and heart says the SDLP are the party that anybody with an ounce of common sense, regardless of where they go to church or which Glasgow football team they sympathise with - even if they are Queens Park fans and Buddhists turned atheist.

The solutions the SDLP advocated in 1971 are the ones now in effect and a lot of people died for no purpose because Sinn Fein, the DUP and the UUP wouldn’t listen to them back then."
It's hard to disagree with that last sentance. I don't know if I'd share Adrian's wholehearted support of SDLP v2007 though. In 1971, they were led by a democratic socialist who was a committed opponent of sectarianism. Fitt was also a man with the personal bravery needed to back such a positon up.

He left the SDLP in the late 1970s because of it's drift into communalism. Perhaps for this reason, Glasgow Rangers fans are unlikely to figure very largely on SDLP canvass returns for the forseeable.

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