Monday, February 26, 2007

Rugger buggers.

I thought that this optimistic article by Simon Barnes was well written and worth reading.

Only one observation - and not wanting to spoil the party or anything - but I'm not sure that a rugby crowd are that representative of the wider Ireland, however you want to define it.

In County Mayo, where my people come from, they call it 'The Protestant Game'. Or, as it was put to me, a game for Irish protestants, Welsh (deleted slur relating to bestiality and lamb) and English upper class .... (deleted homophobic slur).


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, but they said all that before Ireland started winning things. You know us, once we start to win at it, we love it to bits (cf Jack Charlton)

I know my family from West Belfast (you don't get more Green than that) are all massive Rugby fans now they see the game played at Croker, we're winning and, who knows, might be world champions by the year end.

Apparently GAA clubs in some parts of the North are feeling the pressure, I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

How Protestant are Brian O'Driscoll and Ronan O'Gara?

Is it true people from Mayo live in houses constructed from mud or is that just a popular misconception?


Paulie said...

Now now Brockers. Do I detect a bit of peevishness about the anti-welsh slur?

I'm sure that you understood that I would never endorse such a disgraceful viewpoint myself.

Anonymous said...

Of course you wouldn't... not with your ancestry boyo.

Where in Ireland does Michel Houellebecq live? He's a big fan of the west coast of Ireland apparently.


Paulie said...

I've seen conflicting stories on Houellebecq. One said he lives in Cork - the south, not the west. Another said 'Galway'. In Atomised (I can't rememeber whether I'm remembering the book or the film here) Clifden (Galway) is mentioned, and you always suspect that his characters are versions of himself.

I'd like to find him and buy him a pint though. I'd ask him to wash his hand before I shake it though. He strikes me as the sort of bloke that spends a lot of time pulling his own wire.