Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New York - latest

Having read Nick Cohen's book, I'm all-too-aware of the dangers of being left-wing AND expressing knee-jerk anti-Americanism, so I probably shouldn't be posting these links. But here goes....

  1. I'm all for banning people from using mobile phones when driving. But what about banning people from listening to music when crossing the road?
  2. And if you haven't already heard about 'The Worst Use of Lifelines Ever' already, here it is now. If this is a spoof, please let me know.

(ta Amanda)


Will said...

Second linkage - Spoof.

look here

scroll about halfway down page. Picture of Fiona Wheeler not 'Kathy Evans'.

MatGB said...

Proposed ban on iPods &c when crossing roads has about as much chance of passing as, um, [insert silly simile here].

I saw it a few weeks back elsewhere, and it was being roundly mocked then. The joys of representative democracy, there's always a few of the "something must be done" brigade. And there are always enough more sane people to mock them mercilessly.

Ivan said...

Look to the source http://www.bsnews.org/articles/135#post