Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Everyone else on 'demoralisation'

Still, sadly, up to the eyeballs in it (life). So here are more signposts-off.

First-off, demoralisation: SCWR offers a thought for the day (a few days ago - only just seen it tho')

Second-off, Baggage Reclaim and Aaro on depressing survey results.

"They're all the same and they're all in it for themselves."
Chris Dillow is also continuing his exasperating habit of not only saying things I've been meaning to say for a while - but adding good arguments that I would never have thought of.

Here, he rather bafflingly makes an excellent case for representative democracy while - at the same time - explaining why our current political culture undermines it:

"...we shouldn't judge politicians by such low standards. You can train a scabby dog to obey rules. There are millions of people who obey laws, but you'd cross the road to avoid them, and wouldn't trust them to so much as clean your car.

Instead, we should judge politicians by virtue, not rules. We should ask: are they people of great soul, worthy to represent our nation and to be entrusted with big decisions?"

This is absolutely the question that we should ask. One that few politicians would be able to answer very well. But it is the question that will not be asked because they have bigger questions to answer concerning the TOTALLY ILLEGAL receipt of a COWBOY HAT.

I say baffling, because he generally argues for a more direct democracy. It's always disconcerting when someone argues against you but can still come up with better arguments supporting your own position than you can.

More on this in subsequent posts.

Finally, abandoning the demoralisation theme, his argument in favour of inheritance tax also makes the case for a Citizens Basic Income rather well. But I expect he knows that already.

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