Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blog wars - continued

In case you missed this, Tim Ireland - AKA Manic of Bloggerheads (this link goes to his entire February archive because, as his name suggests, he's rather gone for it here) is in a three-way ruck with Guido and Iain Dale.

I like Slugger's account of this best and I don't object to much there apart from the general meme (as I've argued before) that right-wing bloggers are in the ascendency. I don't think that they are. I'd argue the bloggers have a more positive contribution to make.

(Update: Mick has posted again on this - worth a look)

Iain is attempting to throw oil over troubled waters while his commentators are - at the same time - chucking napalm. As Justin says, 'smooth'.

For me, the most interesting suggestion is that Tim is a nihilist. Tim wants an apology and he says he has half of one for now.

Now, I've met Tim a couple of times and he's quite a creative and interesting bloke. But I would place him fairly firmly in the 'negativist' camp - in that I think that he majors in what he is opposed to without saying what he's in favour of. I've now got a working / subject-to-confirmation definition of this word as well.

You see, I would argue that the aspect of political blogging that many people object to is the conflation of libertarianism and negativism. I don't think that they are the same thing (unless the libertarianism in question is the ultra-Conservatism that is Guido's position).

And this conflation may not actually be nihilism, but it sometimes looks like it (and that, for those of you with your eyes peeled, is a concession on my part).

The question is this: Do I now owe Tim an apology for saying that he is a 'negativist', or is it a compliment? And do I owe the world an apology for appearing to suggest that Iain Dale may have a point on something?


Justin said...

Paulie, why not sign up here. You'll soon find out that Tim isn't as negativist as you might think.

dd said...

I've always marked him down as having worryingly progressive tendencies.

thomass said...
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