Sunday, January 28, 2007

To Stamford Bridge

As Gram Parson sang, It’s been a bad, bad day.’

Erstwhile NTaH guest-blogger, James Hamilton told the BBC what the worst-case scenario could be, and today’s result was not far off.

I had a last-minute freebie in one of Chelsea’s posher ends (ta Ben) otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone.

The game was pretty awful. Forest just seemed overawed. None of them wanted the ball, every clearance was hasty and I don’t think I saw more than two passes ‘to feet’ in the whole 90 mins. Julian Bennett played like he had his hometown in his knuckles, but that was about it.

If you watched it on TV, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Forest were at home though. The pathos was there for all to hear:

“We went to Europe, we won the Cup twice.”

"Champions of Europe! Champions of Europe!"


“Where were you, where were you, where were you when you were shit?”
I’m sure that James would have something to say about how far a standful of supporters with grandiose delusions can lift or sink a team.

I didn’t take the boy, but after the final whistle blew, the phone rang and he was distraught. Apparently the BBC commentators were comparing Forest to a team called Yeading (who they were forced to play in the cup a few months ago).

“Who are Yeading?” he asked.

“They’re a bit like Bayern Munich” I replied.

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