Thursday, January 04, 2007


For some reason, Victor Keegan's best stuff (from his technology column in The Guardian) has avoided the death-trap that is Comment is Free.

If it is a deliberate strategy on his part, he's a wise man. I've said it before, but CiF really is a shithole. Everything that goes into it gets swarmed upon by a bunch of nasty shit-for-brains. It provides a kind of therapy for the green-ink merchants who've spent their whole lives writing letters to newpapers without ever getting them printed.

The tragedy is, of course, that lots of people who only dip their toes in the blogosphere think that CiF is a representative sample.

Anyway, the last last couple of Keegan's non-CIF articles are worth a look. Try how the BBC drives innovation for a start.

And today, he's looking at CCTV + audio.

"We have forestalled the onset of a governmental Big Brother by meekly accepting surveillance and even doing much of it ourselves."

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