Friday, January 12, 2007

Honourable exception

As this is a regular theme here, most regular visitors here would expect me to agree with almost every word of Terence Blacker's tilt at our complacent satire industry.

"....the view of political leaders is identical and largely based on cliché. Blair is opportunistic, Prescott inarticulate and stupid, Campbell a bully, Mandelson smarmy, Darling a dalek - on and on it goes. These stereotypes represent more than mere lazy writing and second-hand observation; they are an expression of an easy, cynical assumption, which the audience is invited to share, that every politician is contemptible, is less moral and more greedy than, say, a writer, a comedian or a director."

I still think that 'The Thick of It' is an honourable exception though.

It would be easy to note the Bloggers4Labour link on this site, see the Euston Manifesto badge and just assume that any objection that I have to criticism of politicians springs from some devotion to The Third Way.

This is not the case. I've no objections to politicians being ridiculed - as long as the ridicule acknowledges the circumstances that help them look even more ridiculous than they already are. I'd never discount the posibility that they are stupid, devious or malicious in one way or other - and in ways that they don't always need to be. I doubt if many of Blackers 'writers commedians or directors' would be able to put up with the bullshit for long enough to get themselves into a position whereby they were ridiculed.
A friend of mine is quite a senior civil servant in Whitehall, and he assures me that The Thick of It isn't a satire at all. Apparently it's a documentary. From what I've seen, I'd be inclined to agree.
On the other end of the scale, do you remember when Rory Bremner did that sketch in which Tessa Jowell was played by a blow-up sex doll?
What a complacent tedious cunt that man is.

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KB Player said...

I agree with you about Rory Bremner though I wouldn't have phrased it in quite the way you do. How I hate his sermonising. Smug sod.