Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flying rodent

Further to the previous post about devolution, Shuggy linked to a funny site that is a worthy addition to the blogroll.
As I've said before, I'm agnostic about independence. I can just imagine my Granddad's response though, he doesn't have much time for nationalists.

"I didn't fight for Britain in World War II so that a gang of porridge-munching wankspanners could break up the nation," he'd say. "If I'd known then what I know now, I would've fought for the Nazis."

A man of strong opinions, my Granddad. We have to buy him a new TV every time he catches sight of Terry Wogan, it's amazing the damage a double-barrelled shotgun can do at close range.


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulie,
I am sitting in El Cerrito, California, looking at the San Francisco Bay & reading your blog. I stumbled over here by way of Christopher Hitchens and Trotsy.
The title of your blog snagged me immediately. I tried to be a hippy but I just never had what it took. The closest I could get to it was being a drug-dealer. That was fun for a dozen years, but then things got hot & I had to leave the country QUICKLY. I went to Morocco and kept a low profile for 6 months.
When I came back, I cleaned up and joined the proletariat for awhile. Then I started my own business & worked for myself for many years. I am what you'd call a "Chartered Accountant."
Taxation was my specialty. I prepared people's tax returns and was thereby able to burn the government quite effectively. My clients kept most of their tax money. And if money is power, why not climb right into the belly of the beast, eh? I decided how much the "inland revenue" got and how much my dear client/friends kept. If you must work, it IS a rather powerful profession to choose.
Back to hippies--I despise my generation for their inability to grow up. EVERY generation of young people is wildly idealistic and this is how it should be. There was NOTHING special about hippy-types.
Think of Les Miserables. Who did Jean Valjean save in the Paris sewers? A revolting young man. I mean a young man who was revolting. Oh, you know what I mean. And that's as it should be. The young must remind the old of their common ideals. Everyone plays their part; everyone brings something to the table. Well, ideally they should.
For example, Baby Boomer Hippy-types SHOULD be bringing some kind of wisdom to the table by now, wisdom acquired simply by having lived 3 to 4 more decades, noticing life patterns and cycles. And they should bring money and power,also, to support change.

But NO! Boomer Hippie-types are still kids! They're "pals" to their children, they're irresponsible, they're not saving money or resources for the future. And they think THEY are still the Real Revolutionaries. I mean, hey! they set out their recyclables on the sidewalk every week. (Which, by the way, causes MORE pollution when all factors are considered.)
But they're cool, they're hip-- they're 55!
They're also annoying dweebs.

So, in summation, you've really great blog title.

I attached this to the brief bit about your Grampa and his tendency to blow TVs apart with a shotgun. Now there's a man after my own heart. I, too, have such tendencies. And I live in the US-I have LOTS of guns!

The final reason I'm writing is to ask you this: do you know if the band name, "Dexy's Midnite Runners," refers to crosstabs, i.e.
speed or meth? (Dexetrine(sp?)comes in tabs scored crossways here in the US, hence "crosstabs.") You listed the band as a favorite; I thought maybe you'd know.

Also, when did the band form? I recall a band with that name from a long time ago, but maybe I am confused. I know that can hardly seem possible to you after all the clever and clearly organized badinage I've offered up, but it IS possible.

I've been known to make misteaks.

OK, Paulie, that's about it. Hope to hear from you sometime. PenPals are fun! I just hope the language barrier won't hang us up.

I cannot tell you how blown out I'd be if you either printed this comment or, far better, dropped me a brief email saying "Ta!" or "Cheers!" or "Eat lead death, yellow running dog Imperialist Yankee Scum!" You know--something really "British" like that.

Your new friend, Mary B.

Paulie said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you for the comment and the kind remarks. You're not wrong about hippies either.

On the question of 'Dexys', there is info on how they chose their name here:

It'll tell you all about when they were formed as well.

In one line of their early hit 'Geno' they sing the praises of Geno Washington (legendary Brit-based US soul singer) saying "this man was my bombers, my dexys, my high" (meaning 'black bombers and dexadrine' - UK names for whizzy drugs - maybe those names are used in the US as well?).

The post you're referring to, I was quoting someone else talking about his granddad toting guns around, but I'd admit that my own late grandfather was no stranger to weaponry either.

He claimed to have been an active Irish republican and his family had all sorts of stories about hidden rifles during the War of Independence and the subsequent Civil War. I'm always a bit wary of the way people glamorise their past though....