Friday, January 19, 2007

Edwina Currie - against decentralisation.

Watching (why, as it is so annoying?) BBC's Question Time, Edwina Currie is moaning about how, in Scotland, there are is a different settlement on higher education funding for one of her great granddaughters than there is for another in Derbyshire (or some other such shithole), and this is, apparently, unfair.

Everyone, she says, should be able to benefit from exactly the same settlement. There are far too many politicians..... etc.

This illustrates why Tories are the real agents of centralisation.

Firstly, they're opportunistic enough to whinge about 'postcode lotteries' in order to discredit services that they would have underfunded in the first place (as a backhanded way of undermining public funding for those services in the first place).

Secondly, they dress up their version of 'small government' as a demand for fewer politicians.

If you ask me, smaller government can be achieved with more politicians and fewer bureaucrats.

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