Thursday, January 04, 2007

Counting down to the big day

Debts of gratitude should always be paid. So after a quiet Xmas, I've been lining my stomach for the main annual celebration in our house.

Sixteen days to go before Robbo Day.
How will you be marking it?


Bob Piper said...

I'll be going down to watch him and Cloughie's lad Martin mastermind the defeat of Watford.

Anonymous said...

I saw Forest play *that* season (77/78) - Maine Road, in the Spring (April?). They more or less had the league won and Martin O'Neill even came out to do exhibition kicking at half time.

I was a United fan, but that year went to a lot of City home games too (strange to think you could do that back then - tickets were easy to buy at Maine Road, a bit more difficult up by the Ship Canal).

Later saw Birtles during his nightmare period at OT - the crowd always willing him on, but he was never able to score.

I miss those days now - football is just to expensive and difficult to see - I live only a couple of miles from Ashburton Grove and not much further from White Hart Lane but never go - you just cannot get up on a Saturday and think, that's what I'll do today.

More than that it means my daughter, who is football mad, has never seen a top flight game.

I suppose the Prawn Sandwich brigade and the TV rights means big players and lots of excitement for the week-in week-ot fans who can afford the season tickets, but it means the rest of us have Match of the Day.