Monday, December 04, 2006

Well fuck-a-duck!

Burch: Effortlessly talking less bollocks than Spiked does

"This week, 'Spiked!' blows the lid off the Alexander Litvenenko conspiracy. No, we don’t know who killed him either. But we do know that the hysteria radiating around the ex-spy’s death is symptomatic of a culture poisoned by fear, conspiracy-mongering and a loss of nerve."

Who would have thought that Spiked! would take that line?

Do they have actual people writing these standfirsts? Or have they just written some kind of script that imports a story from elsewhere, adds one part negativism, two parts cynicism along with an allegation that we are browbeaten by a scaremongering elite?

A bit like the Burch generator? At least you can agree with something the Burch generator says sometimes.


jams o donnell said...

Wow, the Burch generator makes better sense than the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Mr O'Neill's answer to everything seems to be "Well I wouldn't start from here" dressed up in extra smart aleck-ery. The bigger the issue he writes about, the less he actually adds to the deabate.

I could be ruder, but I can't be bothered with his ilk.