Monday, December 04, 2006

Open minded on all fronts

I'm sure if it's not bad form to urge visitors to go over and vote for yourself at the Bloggers4Labour Blog Awards.

So I won't do it.

Nor will I make the argument that all decent Labour-supporting bloggers could use this opportunity to cock a snook at Iain Dale.

Having omitted NTaH from his 'Top 100 Labour Bloggers' book, on the 16th September, he told Antonia's commenters that he had never heard of this blog.

Clear evidence of him never having heard of the blog can be seen in the comments on this post the previous July. It would be wrong of me to urge you to select this as the best blog (or indeed the best 'Community Activism' blog) simply on the basis that it will somehow annoy Iain Dale.

I'm sure that it wouldn't annoy him at all to have the 'Best Labour Blog' missing from his poxy book just because it was rude about him.


I am considering my votes at the moment, but I'm minded as follows:

Best Blog: Modesty is the best policy. Couldn't possibly confirm rumours.... voting is a private matter, etc
Best Newcomer: Freemania
Best Blogging Personality: Andrew Brown or possibly Luke Akehurst - for his cussedness if nothing else.
Best elected representative: Brother Bob - though Antonia deserves an hon. mench as well.

It would be ungracious not to select Bloggers4Labour for best use of technology. It does everything that a hub such as this should do.

Under normal circumstances, Andrew Brown's 'Someday I Will Treat You Good' would also be the perfect choice for 'Best Community Activism'. I am, for some reason, tempted not to vote for him this time. In fact, I think that his blog has got frankly shoddy on the 'community activism' front lately. No offence intended Andrew. ;-)

Best non-Labour blog?; Well, Dave's new site is very good indeed, but Chris Dillow's Stumbling & Mumbling probably deserves a 'best blog in the UK' award all to itself.

And remember, if you want to annoy Iain Dale, there are better ways of doing it than voting for him in the 'Wooden Spoon Award'. He'll only take it as a compliment.

On the other awards, I'm still looking at them. I've not voted yet. Anything could happen.

So, off you go. Do your duty.


Andrew Brown said...

No offence taken Paul, I'm teaching my self to cook... And as there's not yet a best Labour food blog I'll settle for what I can get...

Luke Akehurst said...

Glad to see you've detected one of my finest characteristics. Cuss you!

Fisking Central said...

Terrible form. Not only are we at Fisking Central not going to encourage our readers to vote for us, we are taking it one stage further byrefusing to vote for ourselves. A sanctimonious bunch we may be, but a sanctimonious bunch with a ready-made excuse for our poor showing.

I gave you a good few votes, in any case.