Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The high standard of public debate

The prize for the most telling response to the Tim Toulmin /Alistair Campbell dialogue and call for a 'blogger code of conduct' surely goes to Chicken Yoghurt. His response is that the blogosphere....

"...hasn’t yet orchestrated a propaganda offensive (in both senses of the word) that contributed to the deaths of 655,000 people. What’s more offensive, a sweary blogger or a Deputy Prime Minister who can’t keep his hands to himself?"

Let me translate that for you.

"Why should I tidy my room when the world is in SUCH a MESS!"


Justin said...

Nope, sorry. That's a not a very good translation. Can you be a little clearer?

What's your point exactly?

Gregg said...

Surely, Paulie, it's much more telling that you appear to see Tim Toulmin and Alistair Campbell as parental figures; and, whilst you may (yes, just lie back) wish to be the "good child", clearly it's much more important to you to be able to portray others, in this case Justin, as the "bad child".

Justin said...

And where's my prize?

Paulie said...


This is probably not the best comments box to practice pseudo-science in.


Further clarification is on the way. Don't move that dial.

I'm not sure that you want the prize.

Austin said...


Just in case, you could always delay the prize-giving 'till the phrase 'a propaganda offensive (in both senses of the word)' starts to make any sense . There's a good lad.

Dave Hansell said...

I think readers will create their own translation of others opinions rather than have some authority figure provide a cynical (yes it does work both ways)translation for them Paulie.

An alternative take on Chicken yogurt's article in this case (and its no more or less valid than any one else's) would be:

"There's little point in chastising others for the way they point out unsatisfactory issues and those responsible for them whilst ignoring those bigger issues and those who bear culpability."

Not as pithy I admit/concede but at least he makes a fair point that deserves fairer and better treatment than the cynicism you display.

Perhaps a possible translation of your own contribution in this particular case could be "physician heal thyself?"