Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogger problems / victory parade - update

Blogger has been playing up on me recently. Since I moved over to the 'beta' version, it's been a pain. At the end of last week, it only allowed me to publish the title of a post - no body text.

And I'm flat out anyway, so you're not missing much.

I've not crowed yet about winning the 'Best Community Activism' category of the Bloggers4Labour poll. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I promise that - when I get time - I'll follow up with the customary display of arrogance and gracelessness towards all of my opponents that you should be expecting.

Commisserations to Andrew Brown who - I think - deserves to at least share the award. We got the same number of people voting for us (as everyone had up to ten votes, my voters gave me a slightly higher percentage).

Andrew is, by most reasonable definitions a real 'community activist' as opposed to someone who thinks that a particular form of community activism should be encouraged (my position), so maybe I even won on a false prospect (and I didn't nominate myself for it - honest!).

I'll be back once things have calmed down a bit.


Developers said...

wordpress paul its the wave of the future

Andrew Brown said...

Now you tell them!


Oh, and I believe you can import your Blogger stuff into Wordpress, should you choose...