Friday, December 01, 2006

Best in the world

What do you think the best stuff in the world is? According to this, candidates include "Slayer!" and "Peeing when you really really need to go"

I don't know if the decency police got involved, but "sex" isn't there. "Doggy-style" is though - if you look hard enough. Er, someone else found it and pointed it out to me, obviously.

And, unsurprisingly, for a Web 2.0 thingy, "masturbation" is also there. "Ecstacy" (a tedious hippy drug that promotes bad music) is there, whereas Speed / Coke (the opposite) are absent.

How did that happen?

There are other, slightly more worthy, versions of this. *yawn*

Here, Matt links to the Economist Intelligence Unit Index of Democracy - a document that I have a number of beefs with. Is the US really "more democratic" than the UK? I'd suggest that this report isn't geared up to look at how democratic practices do / don't promote optimal policy outcomes. And the bidding war for campaign finance in the US, surely, means that no-where in the EU should be lower than they are. Apart from Italy, obviously.

And the other day, I linked to the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. Other candidates I've found since I started blogging are when Pam Bone argued that secular societies are the best in the world. And, if this quote from Mancur Olsen is to be believed, countries that have powerful elected politicians (as opposed to the wimps we have in the UK) are good places.

Polly argued (and for once, I'd agree) that societies that have a high 'safety net' are the best in the world. Nick Cohen made the point, convincingly, that societies without posh people are alright as well. Countries where the Education systems don't have league tables are not to be sniffed at, and we should all want to live somewhere that more people are happy.

The thing is, Scandinavia may be as wonderful as all of these indicators suggest. But surely a bit of sun would be nice as well?

Maybe climate change can fix that as well.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this cheap attempt to increase hits on your blog. Any blogger will tell you that by using the words 'maturbation' 'doggy-style' 'sex' and 'extasy' on your site is likely to switch the search engines on to overdrive.

As people used to say about Archie Gemmell... it's not big and it's not clever!

Paulie said...

I'm not sure that any of those visitors from Google would want to be here for long - or would read owt here, so I'm probably not (quite) as cynical as you think.

On Archie, I see a pattern emerging here Bob.

Withe - ex Forest and marvellous (played for Villa)

Archie - ex Forest and non-marvellous (played for Brum)

davetheslave said...

"The thing is, Scandinavia may be as wonderful as all of these indicators suggest. But surely a bit of sun would be nice as well?"

You maybe don't want to hear this, but the weather is fantastic in Scandanavia too. It has proper, well-defined seasons, with snowy winters and dry sunny summers. Many Swedes have holiday homes on the coast, and spend the whole summer there, bathing and barbequeing.