Friday, November 17, 2006

What words please YOUR blog-traffic fairy?

McG has finally got a visitor from outside the small group of people that he has personally invited to view his blog, thanks to the wonders of Google.

A post that I had on the site a while ago - a tribute to Tony Banks - is one of my biggest sources of random traffic from search engines. Particularly from - it seems that the words "facking machine" have a particular appeal for our teutonic cousins.

Anyone speak German? Let me know what this means, could you?

A question for other bloggers then. What is the most serendipitous words that you have ever used on your blog, as far as search engines go?


jams o donnell said...

I'm not sure about words but writing about the Lupaqnare brought in a lot of traffic for the Poor Mouth. Perhaps the magic words were Pompeii and brothel..

Baz said...

Figo's Headbutt.

Literally hundreds of searches landing on my blog. No idea why.

Tim Worstall said...

I once wrote a post asking 'Who the Hell is Penny Lancaster' as I'd seen her name in a paper and didn't know who she was.

Then, a few months later, there was the wedding announcement (or was it the babbie?) and fopr a few days Google was sending me about 1500 a day.

ian said...

Cruel and unusual punishment brings in as fair amount, as does a review of the Fountainhead.

Andrew said...

Many other people, when discussing certain London-based events, used phrases like 'masturbate-a-thon'. Me, I couldn't be bothered typing that every time, so just said 'wanking' a lot. In hindsight, this was a mistake.

Will said...

At my place, I still, more than two years on, get lots visiting because of a post I did on Bridget Bardot's birthday where I called her a "fascist seal loving byitch".

It also gets loads of leeching bandwidth mutherfucking Myspacer's nicking the picture I used for their stupid arsed juvienile crap they have online as well.

As you can see I replaced the original image to this one - now their Myspace sites have a picture of Mussolini hanging instead.

Guerrilla tactics I know - fun tho but.

Skuds said...

Paulie, is this a blatant attempt to get all the most Google-worthy words and phrases into one place? ;)

I wrote something about a book called 'hip punishments' which Marge Simpson was using, and that gets searched for a lot.

Otherwise its the usual... I sort of regret mentioning dogging in passing, but having a Blog name with sister and brother in it gets a lot of hits from people searching for very distasteful material!

Sam said...

A surprising number of people google for the Black Country Farewell "Tara-a-bit".