Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The right to bear arms

The Uzi 'Decentraliser'. With any luck, Gordon Brown will agree to issue these to regional assemblies shortly.

Dizzy is not happy about the cost of Regional Assemblies that aren't directly elected. It's not far short of £20m per year apparently.

I reckon that they are cheap at half the price. They could do with a bit more power and a higher profile, of course. They should be told that they can keep 50% of the money that they save by abolishing quangos and 50% of any money they can save by making local authorities procure things jointly.

And 50% of any money they save by poaching activities from central government. I say this because, as a rule of thumb, surely, local democratically elected assemblies (even constituent assemblies) are better than quangos or central government?

Oh yes, and they should be armed as well. With knives. And guns - like this nice little Uzi.

As the man said, guns for show, knives for a pro.

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Will said...

I like you.

good lad.