Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Politics: Not as relevant as it could be.

The Royal Mail's Adam Crozier: Britain's second highest-paid civil servant. He used to run the FA you know. The FA is a model of managerial excellence.

The Taxpayers Alliance are absolutely fantastic people in every way imaginable.

That said, they have their uses, I suppose. In between their plaudits from the Express and the Mail, they've published a Public Sector Richlist.

Hop over there for a sec and read it. Or if you'd prefer, read this summary*:

    • There are 3 people in the public sector who earn more than £1 million a year.
    • There are 14 people in the public sector earning above £500,000 a year.
    • There are 46 people earning above £250,000 a year.
    • Tony Blair is only the 88th highest paid person in the public sector.

    Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Taxpayers will be shocked at the scale of these massive pay awards. Large numbers of people in the public sector are effectively being paid City salaries. It is not surprising that taxes keep going up when the salaries for the public sector's top executives keep rocketing.”

So, now we've established who runs Britain, and in whose interest, can we finally banish these idiots to the dustbin of history?

I'll start buying a daily paper again once they decide that they have a duty to educate the public about the City and the Civil Service. And when they decide to start covering League One football / Forest get promoted to the Premiership**

(If this post sounds like a bit of a rant, it's a development on some previous tangential posts)

*And read this disclaimer while you're at it: "Note to editors: We are clearly not responsible for the accuracy of information contained within official reports, but we are happy to take any corrections from anyone named in the Public Sector Rich List after publication."

**Whichever comes first.

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