Friday, November 24, 2006

God, books and juggling balls

Just when I finally give up checking Tom's blog for new content, he's back with a bang. Have a look at this post on Richard Dawkins, the alleged uselessness of religious studies, and how substituting the word 'literature' for 'theology' foregrounds stuff.

The only thing I have to say on the subject is that Dawkins proved he was a philistine when he said how much he admired 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.'

Possession of this book is a bit like owning a copy of a Scissor Sisters CD. On the day of the revolution, it will get you shot. And you will deserve it.

Apropos of nothing, (apart from the link being in Tom's comments) Wongablog is right. Watching someone juggling balls in an inverted glass cone is strangely soothing.


Ivan said...

Thing about Dawkins is that there is basically only one of him whereas there are millions, nay billions of god obsessed idiots out there. Now, Terry Eagleton can make a lovely long elegant essay about how complex and sensitive theology is and how stupid Dawkins is - but wtf? Theology has had thousands of years to refine its apologia for something that it effectively made up and then endlessly justifies post hoc. D
Dawkins, for all his flaws, is a militant soldier for atheism and he has every right and then some to be as rude and as crass and as simplistic as he likes in his battle. Why? Because he is ultimately right and all the religion in the world don't make him wrong.

brockway said...

juggling. revolution. wall. up against.