Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Doughty Street goes in to bat ... for itself

Meet the new thrusing whizzy Web 2.0 / new kid on the block / weightless economy press gallery. Same as the old clowns.

Iain Dale's 18 Doughty Street project are today leading on the fact that EU broadcasting regulation doesn't suit... er... 18 Doughty Street. Indeed, their top two stories today - the day that the political map of the worlds only superpower may have been transformed were....
Leaving aside the issues on both sides of the argument about whether internet broadcasters can / should be regulated, surely it is not the role of the media to focus on it's own interests in this way?

A sure case for regulation in my book.

By the way, remember that one of the arguments for gambling tax reform was that, in a globalised economy, it will never be possible to regulate gambling.



Iain Dale said...

What a pathetic thing to say. If you were threatened with closedown in whatever business you are in, wouldn't you try to do something about it? Grow up.

Paulie said...

I've dealt with this bollocks in the comments under the offending article on your site Iain.

Will said...

Please don't grow up Paulie - it's overrated