Monday, November 27, 2006

Argue. Like crazy. With everyone. And never stop. Ever.

Peter Withe (pic from Bob Piper thinks he is the best striker that Forest have ever had. This picture gives you a clue as to why.

Move your bookmarks. Bob Piper has re-done his blog and moved it to his own domain - -

If anyone has the 'inner blogger' it's Bob. I agree with about 50% of what he says most of the time, but I'd sooner have someone like him as my Councillor - or MP for that matter - than some smarmy buttoned up poker-face who tries to create the impression that they agree with everyone about everything.

There's an old rule-of-thumb that I apply. It is an inversion of the commonplace that - whenever you hear someone slagging someone else off behind their back – the same person will probably slag you off as soon as your back is turned.

In my case, whenever I meet someone who seems to agree with me about everything, they will probably create the same impression with everyone else. Which means that they'll never really be prepared to stand up for anything they do believe in.

So. Earn the trust and respect of the next person you speak to. Tell them that they are talking a load of bollocks. Like Bob is about Peter Withe.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whetherv any of this is intended to be a compliment, but just in case it is, thank you comrade. As for Withey... pure gold, 110% trier every game, more skill than Shearer any day. Cloughie knew one when he saw one.