Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And another thing...

Well, going on Resonance FM was good knockabout fun. As ever, I managed to make every point that I intended to perfectly.

To myself, on the bus home.

On this blog, I routinely use the term 'clown' to refer to those who are obsessed with Westminster gossip. I should explain this properly, in case anyone mistakes it for an insult. In rodeos (or is it bullfights?), whenever some rampant animal looks like it is going to knock anything over, a bunch of clowns are paid to run out and distract it.

And this is the role that the lobby correspondents (and my two colleagues on the show) fulfill.

The one point that I probably did get across - in a roundabout way - is that anyone who believes that this is a particularly corrupt country is probably - clinically - bewildered. We should be offering them our pity, not our scorn. But if we have one major problem in this country, it is not corruption - it is official incompetence. Incompetence on a massive, profligate scale. It's the old cock-up v conspiracy theme - and the smart money is always on the cock-up.

Exposing bureaucratic incompetence is a lonely task. As Gilbert & Sullivan put it, 'a policeman's lot is not a happy one.' It is hit-and miss, and few newspapers will ever fund the necessary investigation when they can sell papers with cheap gossip. If anyone were ever to put the work in, they would be sure to find Guido, the Monkey, or one of the usual suspects jumping up and down, screaming "OO-oo! Over here! Look! An irrelevant Lib-Dem is being pooed on by a rent-boy! John Prescott is playing Croquet! In the afternoon! And he's been given a cowboy suit!!!" Whenever a massive cock-up could come to light, there's an army of little beasties crawling around looking for a conspiracy.

That's what the clowns are for. The unwitting pawns of civil misdirection. And they don't even get paid for it!

Heh heh.


Another one of the regular themes on this blog is the way that, when people are given a bit of space on the media, they simplify and overstate their arguments in order to attract attention to themselves.

Annoying, isn't it?


Will said...

Canny bit of heavy breathing gannin on there kidda - sounded like a meeting of asthmatics inside a barn on fire.

You won.

Will said...

Just listened to some more.

Them other two are right fucking morons aren't they? They sounded like a couple of smart-arsed public schoolboy giggling twats.

Who was the dick who mentioned benefit fraud as a measure of government corruption? Uh? Do these fuckers have any education at all?

That Fawkes fuckhead should fuck off as you said as well. All that cunt wants is a kleptocracy with his sort doing the robbing.

Anonymous said...

What about what has happened at Farepak? Most people have simply moved on , taking interest in what's happening today. But many families like mine are having to face Christmas without our savings.

Paulie said...

I'd be quite happy to agree with you that the low-end of the consumer credit industry is managed disgracefully Claire.

And it is largely ignored by the press because they are obsessed with tedious gossip of one kind or another.

MatGB said...

Every time you start speaking, the bloody cleaner comes in with the hoover running. And of course I can't listen at home directly as my dial up will hate it. Ah well, bring the keyfob in tomorrow.

Did catch most of it, and FFS, completely clueless on main issues. "Johnathan Ross is paid by the taxpayer so he's the highest paid civil servant"? No MonkeyGuido, he's not paid byt he taxpayer, he's paid by the BBC, which is a Corporation funded by a fee which is mandated by govt. It's not a tax, you can choose not to own a TV and never have to pay it (as I, for example, do).

Gah! Still, not a bad little show, must remember to listen to Resonance when I move up t'smoke.