Sunday, October 01, 2006

This and that

And, er.... stottie cakes - the full saga.

David asks "Is the government capable of consulting people?"

If not, who can do it? I've argued in the past that we should let Slugger do it. (scroll down to suggestion no3) .

Shuggy on citizenship classes and their alleged failings. I think we need to improve the quality of the public discussion before we should be asking teachers to catch up.

And finally, just a quick thought.

  • Most of the huge debts that the two main parties have run up in recent elections (£27m for Labour and - allegedly - £30m for the Tories) is the result of advertising spend
  • Traditional ad-spend is largely a waste of money these days
  • Any reforms that are made will probably address a problem that has become obsolete.

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