Friday, October 20, 2006

A See You Next Tuesday at work

If there are two things that regular visitors to this blog will know, it is that ....
  1. I detest Simon Jenkins and everything that he stands for, and...
  2. It really annoys me when the reptilian profession slag Nottingham off for no good reason.
Well, today Simon Jenkins has decided to slag Nottingham off. How perfect is that?

Go and read it, why don't you? And when you do, you can see how his mind works. His sub-editors are confident that they can summarise it by saying "...Nottingham's glories are now defaced victims of Blair's Britain."

Funny that. I always thought that the biggest blow that Nottingham ever sustained was from Geoffrey Howe's budgets of the early 1980s. But you wouldn't expect a Tory like Jenkins to acknowledge that, would you. Instead, you get the horror of faceless bureaucrats .... *pause* .... housing riff-raff.. *pause* ... in the countryside!!!

"Eeek! Eeek! There are more dreadful townies being housed around Barton in Fabis!"

It sounds like it was dictated by some old Tory git - probably the local branch chair of the CPRE.

Oh, and Col is onto the git as well.


Ivan said...

Thought you'd like that one!

Will said...

May I just say I have no connection to Nottingham at all but that won't prevent me from saying that, yes indeedy, Simon Jenkins is a piece of Tory shit. Repeat after me...Simon Jenkins is a piece of Tory shit.