Friday, October 06, 2006


I missed this article on Islamism by Jason Burke the first time around.

It looks very persuasive, well informed and level headed to me. And the kind of commenters that it attracts tells you all you need to know about the whole 'Comment is Free' project. When large media outlets dip their toe in the blogosphere, they don't create in interactive space that adds any value.

All they do is hold up a mirror to the appalling quality of public discussion that they themselves have fostered with their own plunging standards. They attempt to co-opt us into their quagmire.

Hopefully, after a while, they'll realise that they are paying a fortune to commentators who (with notable exceptions such as Jason Burke) have rivals online doing a better job on personal blogs for no pay.

Maybe they will start re-directing all of that cash into reporting instead. Remember reporters? Reporting events as they see them without any need to soliloquise or provide a little simplified context of their own? No need to go back to Nick in Westminster who is on the line now to tell us what we've just seen or heard for ourselves.

Think about how much valuable information you could pick up for fifty pee every morning if all that cash currently wasted on the twatocracy of Bruce As, Simon Js, Yasmin A-Bs, (…. oh, insert your own pet dingle-berry* in here) were spent on reporters instead?

Don't hold your breath though....

*note to Comrade Rubbish. Dingle-berry = winnit or clagg-nut.

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