Monday, October 02, 2006


I knew I'd omitted a few sites when I updated the blogroll. I intended to include some of the more 'NuLab' sites in the 'engaged' subheading. The 'engaged' sites are the ones that I don't always agree with, but that I think are good sites worth a visit.

Luke Akehurst is the best of them. I've met Luke a few times and he's an argumentative git. Natural blogging material, and I'm surpised it took him so long to get cracking online. Luke meet Shuggy. Shuggy, meet Luke. Shuggy, Luke will really get on your tits.

Then there's Adrian McMenamin, an ex-Millbank enforcer, the Idiots4Labour site, and the blog of Progress - the antidote to Compass.

I haven't sidebarred the other Luke Akehurst blog - a blog that has been kindly written for Luke by his enemies. But here's a one-off link.

Elsewhere, I forgot Skuds. Soz Skuds.

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