Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Manchester Student rag, Students Direct has been annexed by the SWP. They are a bit like a necrotising agent, aren’t they?

In the late ‘80s, I gained almost the only elected position of my lifetime as the editor of Kingston Polytechnic’s student mag, The Crez (don’t ask - I can't remember why it was called that).

A few RCP members didn’t fully understand representative democracy, and they kept trying to get student union meetings to instruct me to carry their articles.

Finally, I relented.

“I’ll publish anything that you write….” I told them, “…as long as it doesn’t contain any of the words 'Living', 'Marxism', 'Revolutionary', 'Communist', 'Party', 'Furedi', 'Ireland', 'Next', 'Step' or 'Palestine'."

And that was the end of that.


Charlie M said...

I'm sure Craig Thomas would remember the reason behind the name.......

And while we're talking KPSU and RCP - remember this person?


Paulie said...

Wow. Craig Thomas - that brings back memories.

I remember Claire vividly. Still see her around occasionally.