Thursday, October 12, 2006

Desperate measures

It's the middle of October, and the park near my house had sunbathers in it at lunchtime.

I don't know how far this is a result of global warming, but I do know that it's making it hard to know what to wear in the mornings.

It's not helping me know what newspaper to buy either. The other day, I went on a short tube trip across town. When I went underground, it was sunny. When I arrived in Moorgate (about 20 mins later) the rain was torrential. As I stood at the station entrance, looking out into the storm, I heard the newspaper seller shouting 'Free Umbrella with every Evinstaindid'

I thought he was taking the piss. But he wasn't.

All of this newspaper competition is driving me nuts. A few months ago, I had to endure 'buy the Daily Mail' temptation. Now this.

Reader, this time, I gave in. I arrived at my destination, dry as a bone with a copy of The Evening Standard under my arm. And I can confirm that, after many years separation from the rag, that it is still as full of shit as ever.

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