Friday, September 29, 2006

New look

'Ark a me. Nice eh?

I've updated the blogroll now as well. There may be a few new sites there that you haven't seen. Most of them are worth a look, otherwise they wouldn't be there - go on - try them if they're new to you.

I think I've put all of the sites that I regularly visit there, but I'm sure I've forgotten someone really important. If you're not there, or if you object to the classification that I've chosen for you, let me know and I'll fix it.



Kerron said...

Can I get into your sidebar?



Paulie said...

Since you asked so nicely Kerron.

I note that your blogroll has a complete and utter absence of Never Trust a Hippys. But I'll leave that to you and your concience.


John said...

Much prettier!

Though you've not *quite* escaped the blog-curse of Griffin I'm afraid - d'oh!

freespeechontrial dot blogspot dot com (I won't sully your site with a direct link!)

Paulie said...

Boh-oh-locks. You can't get away from the toerag can you?

I'm not changing it again for a while not. Fuck him.

brockway said...

I like the new sophisticated look Paul. Orange never was your colour. And an Ian Dury quote - good work.