Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm off to Brighton for the TUC Annual Congress tomorrow.

I've got a few meetings with some of The Brothers. Maybe I'm psychic or something, but somehow, I forsee that some of them may take place in a bar.

Apparently this year, I may also run into some evangelists for AA.

On a serious note, I don't think I can name an institution that I value more highly that AA and it's sister organisation Al-Anon. If it weren't for the anonymous bit, there are thousands of AA sponsors who should have statues in their honour in every town square in the country.

On a less serious note, what do you think that Gamblers Anonymous' motto is?

Could it be "Bet you don't know who we are"?


Ivan said...

Yeah, and AA's motto is
'We'll drink to that'

Aidan said...

Haha, nice. If that really isn't GA's slogan, it should be, dammit...

And all new arrivals should perhaps be enthusiastically greeted thus: "Aces - hi..."

Nah, that didn't really work after all...