Thursday, August 31, 2006

With anxiety

If ever a song was made for remixing...

Apart from Wuthering Heights, there are very few songs that I'd be interested in hearing in lots of different cover version. But The Ruts' 'Babylon's Burning' is definitely one of them.

And lo and behold....

You wait twenty five years and sixteen of them come along at once.


MatGB said...

Ouch, 16 on one album? I hated it when they did that to Purple Haze and Stairway to Heaven, so I assume I'll hate this as well.

I assume you've heard the China Drum version of Wuthering Heights?

Skuds said...

Even so... even with radically different remixes it would get a bit dull listening to them together wouldn't it?

I have one of those Greensleeves rhythm track CDs with the basic rhythm track and then all the different dancehall variations. Each good on its own but not to be played in one session. Ditto the umpteen remixes of Blue Monday on a bonus CD with a New Order greatest hits.

Even the Suzanne Vega Tom's Diner remix CD with its very different styles is best in small doses.