Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two stories. No connection.

From The Irish Times on the 3rd August:

Item one:

“A meeting of Tralee’s joint policing committee …. holds it’s first meeting today.

The committees are to include gardaí, local authority staff, councillors, members of the Oireachtas and community representatives, though Sinn Féin complained during Dáil debate on the legislation that more community leaders should be appointed.
Calling for Northern Ireland-style community restorative justice, [Sinn Féin TD for Kerry North] Mr Ferris said the Tralee body would face a difficult task in curbing anti-social behaviour in the north Kerry town.
Blaming a small number of “thugs”, Mr Ferris said that he had to “personally intervene” in two housing estates in the town in the last few weeks to curb anti-social behaviour."

Item two (paraphrasing):

  • PSNI officers are being urged to fraternise with participants in a Pride March
  • PSNI officers are finding fraternisation involves answering difficult questions about the handling of a recent ‘public indecency’ case (trans: cottaging) against a number of gay men in Coleraine, in which…
  • The judge asked for the case to be handled ‘with sensitivity’
  • The peelers published the names, addresses and photographs of the men in question
  • Paramilitaries got involved
  • Families were burnt out of their homes
  • Men in question had to take a powder.

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