Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dillow's three

The thin posting here is due to an extended holiday. It's coming to an end now.

But Chris Dillow's annoying habit of saying things that I've been thinking of saying* (only with lots more coherence, charm and straighforward evidence, damn the man) has continued unabated.

Firstly, Adam Smith - echoing Socrates surely - on the inverse relationship between a blog's traffic and it's quality.

Secondly, teaching kids to gamble.

And thirdly missing counterfactuals, the availability heuristics, outgroup homogeneity bias, and bayesian conservatism.

*OK, the stuff about how Blogs should focus on quality, not visitor-quantity and the bit about how you learn a lot about life by losing your shirt were in the pipeline here. But don't ever come here expecting anything as coherent as the post behind that last link.


chris said...

Aww, thanks! I'm blushing like a girlie now.
If it's any use, I'm thinking of posting about how Leicester is the best city in the world, and Nottingham the worst.

Tom said...

I was genuinely going to do a post of my own saying "Hasn't Stumbling and Mumbling been brilliant recently?", but you've beaten me to it. I won't now, it would look like plagiarism.

Paulie said...

Chris Dillow: An apology

Reflecting on Chris's comment (above), I can see that I've clearly misrepresented his blog. When I said that Chris "offers an example that all bloggers can only aspire to" I was actually refering to his lack of judgement, mean spiritedness and mendacity.

I hope that clears everything up.