Monday, August 21, 2006

Commentary of the very highest standards imaginable

In it's excellent leader today, The Guardian points out that applying the rules of Cricket "can only fuel the alienation felt by some British Muslims at a time of great strain."

I admire the sophisticated way that Guardian hacks can interpret principles, don't you?

And when they say that "their failure to return to the field promptly after it triggered a chaotic close to the afternoon, in which first Pakistan and then the umpires appeared to go on strike." represents the kind of postmodern approach to reporting that is all too lacking in our newspapers these days.

The floods of admiration are just cascading down my leg.

The comments under the editorial also reflect a standard of public debate that must be the envy of the world.

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Dan said...

I was a little disappointed to find no mention of the Zionist conspiracy behind yesterday's events in the comments.

I did like this one though:

What they did was indeed grevious (as well as unprecedented), but then so would to have not so responded, being then branded cheats by the Express/Sun etc against the backdrop of (depleted uranium wars in) Iraq/ Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon & soon to be Syria/ Iran. For cricket is only part of the wider world of turmoil in which we live.

The author, Adam Ghaznavi was responsible for a nice bit of political spam that a friend kindly forwarded a few months ago.