Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The English Disease

McLaren. Absolutely 100% certain to bring home all of the silverware next time*.

It must be somebody's fault that England are out of the World Cup. Sean Og reviews the credentials of the various candidates for The Blame. Rooney, Ronaldo and Robinson all make reasonable candidates. But he settles on Sven.

Chris Dillow argues (indirectly) that we should blame whoever takes the role of settling upon the right motivation for Sven. Implicit in his argument (I think) is that we should blame whoever gave Sven the job in the first place.

The same people that have hired McLaren in such an impressive way.

The same sort of no-brainers that didn't (thankfully) hire Him (pbuh).

This is the English disease. Get used to it. They will have to....

*supply your own punchline.

1 comment:

Emma said...

Come on, he's gotta be better than Sven. Not exactly hard, but yeah...