Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doing stuff

Stuff doesn’t just need to be done. It needs to be seen to be done apparently.

Shuggy on the rozzers:

“Although Levy complained that the police had 'over-reacted', I was wondering on what basis could a New Labour believer possibly have for complaining about this? If indeed a crime has been committed, is this not the very government who would insist that we should be tough on it? And further, if the police are somewhat over-enthusiastic in their investigation of it, this is a price worth paying to ensure a wider justice is served. Is this not the sort of thing we are continually being told?”

Chris Dillow on threat levels:

"…the Home Office isn't an unbiased judge. It's got a bias to overstating the level of the threat. One reason for this lies in the economics of bureaucracy (pdf), as pioneered by William Niskanen. Bureaucrats want to expand their budgets. They do so by exaggerating the importance of their work.

To see another reason for bias, just imagine what would happen if there's a terrorist attack after the government announced, say, a "moderate" threat. Every knobhead dead tree will accuse the government of understating the threat, of being complacent. The criticism for appearing to overstate the threat will be much smaller. So there's another incentive to overstate the danger."

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