Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Context overlooked

Not being any kind of expert on the middle east, I think I should stick to my policy of being agnostic when posting on issues that I'm not qualified to comment on. I reckon that I'm allowed a few questions though.

Further to this article by Fred Halliday on OpenDemocracy*
"As we looked over to this Israeli town [from across the Lebanese border], with people clearly visible walking in the streets, the chief guide turned to me with an unambiguous message: "It took us twenty-two years to drive them out of here [Lebanon]", and it may take us up to forty years to drive them out of there [occupied Palestine]".

I long ago decided, in dealing with revolutionaries and with their enemies, in the middle east and elsewhere, to question their motives and sense of reality, but to take seriously what they stated to be their true intentions. Those words, spoken on the hill overlooking Metulla in 2004, were sincerely meant, and carried within them a long history of fighting, sacrifice and killing. In light of recent events, it would be prudent to assume that much more is to come."
.... and this quote from Hassan Nasrallah ('glorified' by George Galloway** - see here)
"If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."
Hassan Nasrallah (leader of Hezbollah), quoted in the Lebanon Daily Star, October 2002
... and, of course, President Ahmadinejad's call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map', and the ample evidence that Hezbollah are funded and directed from Tehran....

.... would it be fair to conclude that a large proportion of Israelis believe that Hezbollah - backed by Iran - are persuing a strategy to destroy the state and kill any Jews that they find there?

If this is the case, surely every journalist should be prefacing any discussion about a 'proportional response' with this fact?

*or should I say, the award-winning OpenDemocracy site - yay!
**Is George Galloway qualified to glorify anybody?

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