Thursday, June 01, 2006


Mayo. God help us.

In Co.Mayo the other week, I had a pint with a few people of my own age. For some reason, they all support Liverpool. It was Cup Final day and they were all nearly unbearable.

But they all had the same answer to the defining question of the age: Would they prefer....

  • Liverpool to win the European Champions League
  • Eire to with the World Cup, or...
  • Co. Mayo to win the All Ireland (Irish football) final?
The latter was the unanimous choice. Eire and Liverpool tied for second place. Mayo haven't won much for a very long time. And in years gone by, in speech, Irish people always added the words "god help us" after the word Mayo. As in "she's from Mayo, God help us...")

Though I'm an International Citizen of the World, in my case, the order is....

  • Forest to win absolutely anything
  • Mayo to win the All Ireland
  • Any international team that has an Forest or ex-Forest player (apart from one that left leaving a bad smell). Trinidad and Tobago with Stern John!
  • Any British Isles team to do well in international competition
The last two are a tie. Much as I want them to do well, I can't fully endorse England, because that would make me directly responsible for Sven's horrible antiseptic style of management. And you'd never forgive me for that.

The boy is supporting the Czech Republic this summer (he likes the Forest-style kit, which is as good a reason as any to support them, I reckon).

Apropos of this, a Councillor in the West Midlands has come up with an interesting basis for choosing which international team to follow. On a previous International, he explained that....

"....I want White Denmark to beat the mongrel "England" team..."

PS: One for Rockmother. Pursey on anthems.


PG said...

Ugh, Pursey. Buy the Motty Sheepskin version instead -- proceeds go to cancer research. Oddly enough, it's more true to the spirit of the "Hurry Up Harry" original, with its references to beer & such, than Pursey's reworking.

Shallow said...

Who, in the name of God, uses the term 'Eire' up in Mayo (ghu) or anywhere in Ireland for that matter?

rockmother said...

Cheers Paulie. I'm rather cross about various broadcasters (namely the BBC) that sat on my Pursey idea for months last year and then rejected it. Now look at what they are championing to bits! Grrrrrr! After telling me there was no eventual appeal. More grrrrrr!!! But thank you for linking me in just the same. I haven't quite given up yet.

PS: sent you mail re: drinks with Pope et al. Check Check. RM

Paulie said...

Eire? Fair enough S.

I wrote 'Ireland' in the original draft and then changed it to avoid confusing the rest of the world.