Thursday, June 08, 2006


Reg; Asserting perogatives?

Some years ago, I met a man from Greenock who told me about his time as a 'red Clydesider'.

He said that they didn't always go on strike for a specific reason. Sometimes, they used to just assert their perogatives.

Respectable, from a syndicalist point of view, I think you'll find? But the implied nationalism of supporting England does create a tension of sorts.

Bet they wouldn't have gone on strike for the Yeovil match..... the Quislings.

Ooh arrrrr.

(and when I googled Yeovil FC, I found that their fan-site is called 'Ciderspace').


Sam said...

Wasn't this the plot of "Carry On at Your Convenience"?

Istvanski said...

"Carry On at Your Convenience"?

Yeovil and toilets?

Ah...I see the connection.