Thursday, June 29, 2006

Keep the cards coming

Valentin Ivanov: Give him a medal and put him in charge of the final.

I'm not usually much of an armchair pundit, but I'm going to get all Five Live on your ass today.

Don't you think that the way that the referees judgement during the Portugal v Holland match is being discussed is a bit weird?

Apparently, alongside the ability to get a perfect vantage point, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules, and the judgement of Solomon on each incident, referees are now expected to predict the future behaviour of players so that they can know how lenient to be early in the game.

Mr Ivanov's crime, it seems, was to 'lose control of the game' by booking a cheating fucker early on. Apparently, he should have known that both managers had instructed their players to play like cheating fuckers and he should have adjusted his use of the yellow card accordingly. That way, one of the teams of cheating fuckers would have emerged into the next round without as many cards next to their cheating fucking names for being cheating fuckers.

Because both Portugal and Holland were both disgusting in that game (for the avoidance of doubt).

As far as I can see it, the game had almost the perfect outcome. One set of cheating fuckers can fuck off back to Holland with fuck all but the shame of having disgraced their profession and country. The other lot of fuckers go into the next game with a load of cards next to their cheating fucking names. Even if they win the next game, there should be none of them left to play the following one - the fuckers.

A better outcome still would be to disqualify any side that picks up more than, say, six cards in a game? Then Ghana (for instance) could go forward in their place?

Now back to Alan in the studio…..

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Katy said...

i agree...
besides, even thought FIFA sent Ivanov home, they could not tell which of the 16th cards were give incorrectly.
it is not Ivanov's fault for players innapropriate behaviour.

..too bad this is his last year b4 retirement and this was the last big match of his career..