Tuesday, June 06, 2006

'International Never Again Day'.

At some point, once the dust has settled over Darfur, there will be a moment that we will all be able to bookmark.

This will be on a day that the full numbers are revealed - whatever passes for speculation about the unknowable number (surely in six figures already) of un-named victims - that were slaughtered as the International Community stood by and scratched it's collective head.

Maybe. Or perhaps it will be the day that a handful of survivors - the abused women that were raped and left for dead - come forward and somehow manage to trick their way onto our TV screens?

Or perhaps it will be the day that the full scale of 'ethic cleansing' becomes clear? When we know exactly how many million of the world's poorest people have been driven from their homes?

Can we agree to mark this day? Perhaps make it an international spectacle that statespeople can all be seen to mark? Solemn photo-opportunities can be arranged by highly-paid PRs. Heads of state can be photographed looking suitably sombre? Perhaps it can even have it's own logo? A clever series of bright penstrokes to depict someone shrugging their shoulders, with a '?' artfully placed over their heads?

Oh, and a few educational packs as well. Can't have a global festival of cant without some educational packs, can we?

It can be called 'International Never Again Day'. The day - every year - that empty platitudes and barely concealed agendas can be trotted out in the place of the minimum of resolve that was needed in 2006 from the International Community to stop the carnage?

Because this really is so fucking simple. This is – by a country mile – the most important issue facing every democracy in the world today.

Where are the million-man marches? Where is the outrage? Where are the posturing journalists and grandstanding politicos demanding action?

And is there going to be a prize for the first bigshot who says ‘never again’ when the dust has settled? Perhaps we can take a suitable photograph of the first stateman to utter the platitude, and put it on a T-Shirt?

A new radical hero. A bit like Che?

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Adramelech said...

I suspect that day will be the same day that the Janjaweed kill the last surviving Darfurian.