Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dead letter office

Our office is above a recording studio. A delivery-bloke just rang the doorbell and said "Vocoder for Jarvis Cocker."

They aren't in downstairs, so I've agreed to look after it.

Don't worry Jarvis. We'll make sure it gets to you in the end. When we've finished with it.

"Mishter bwue skwaiyy...... mishter bwue skwaiyy-yai."


Mac said...

i seem to remember you were a big ELO fan in your yoof

Paulie said...

That is one of my guilty secrets.

I still like 'Out of the Blue' and 'Sweet Talkin' Woman' came on during the soundtrack to a TV film the other night and I loved it.

My other guilty secret is The Bee Gees. To my mind, they rarely recorded a duff track.

Keep quiet about this will you?