Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bloggy autodidacts only need apply

I like - and endorse - the following promtional message from Tim Worstall. So I'll present it unedited. I can't help him, because I haven't bought a digital camera lately (and I'm thinking about a cheapo / mid range one for practical snaps and want ad recommendation).
Some of you will already know of our new adventure, others won't. Apologies for this mass bleg for a bit of publicity.

We have a new site up called Nightcap Syndication. The intention is to try and bring together those bloggers who'd like to get paid for writing and those editors who'd like to pay bloggers for writing.

We've been going three days so far.

Whoop whoop, I know.

However, we have our first real live editor looking for material and he's asked us to act as a proving ground for him.

The full details are here:

Quite simply, anyone interested can write and then place on our site a review of a digital camera. In two weeks time the Editor (of the unnamed magazine) will make freelance commission offers to those who have impressed.

Whether you think this is of sufficient interest to tell your readers is of course entirely up to you. We hope you will, of course.

If you should happen to be or know of an editor who is interested in something similar then please do drop us a line. You should also do so to swear at me for being so presumptuous to think that you might be interested etc etc, or if you'd like more information.

Tim Worstall
Tim Worstall
Bloggy autodidacts will understand why this is a great idea. Anyone who doesn't.... well... I'm not sure it's worth explaining....

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