Tuesday, June 06, 2006


A few months ago, Ms NTaH agreed to .... er.... make me the happiest man in the world.

Sorry ladies.


So, anyway, it's all happening next month. And the plans are reaching an advanced stage. Thus the light blogging and general short-tempered vibes that you may have been picking up.

You probably all know, though, that organising a wedding is a complete fucking minefield. But here's something that you didn't know already:

It is bad form to not send an invitation to a relative that you have spoken to, invited, and has told you that they aren't coming.

'ja credit dat?

(Feel free t0 e-mail me for details of the wedding list though....)


Baz said...

quick tip. don't spend the next day after your wedding lying on the floor moaning about your hangover and then peg it to the pub as soon as the clock hits 8 o'clock!

Paulie said...

You waited til 8 o'clock? Was there a reason?

Baz said...

Didn't think i'd want to go to the pub (a true "I'll never drink again" day) till my mate rang (at 8).

Then when I said "Mike's just rung asking me to go for a pint", instead of the whirlwind of rage I was expecting, I got a stunned silence.

Next thing she heard was the sound of the front door slamming ...