Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abundance. And sincerity.

Well, this says it all, doesn't it?

....Marx was more hard-headed than his weaker successors. As G.A Cohen put it:
He thought that anything short of an abundance so complete that it removes all major conflicts of interest would guarantee continued social strife,

'a struggle for necessities...and all the old filthy business.' It was because he was uncompromisingly pessimistic about the social consequences of anything less than limitless abundance that Marx needed to be so optimistic about the possibility of that abundance. (Self-ownership, Freedom and Equality, p10-11)
So there's the lesson: Work out how is could be done first. THEN work out how it should be done. Boring, I know.

AND (nothing much to do with the above) I bet you haven't read this or this yet have you?

You donkey.

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